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    What awaits me in 2020?

    A new year is coming! Many of us ask ourselves: what awaits me in 2020? How is it going to be? What should I focus on? If you are one of these people, read the instructions below. You might find the answer to your question in this post.

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    Loser or whiner?

    Have you ever considered yourself a loser? Have you justified your losses and other troubles by this? Have you felt unfairly deprived while others were fortune's darlings? If you answered yes, then this post may help you look on your situation from another point of view.

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    Non-Horoscope for 2019 :)

    In one of the past posts I told you the background story of the rolls with predictions and suggested you choose the number from 1 to 11. In this post we will look at what lies behind these numbers. If you have not yet made a choice, you still have a chance :) To know the answers ->

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    What awaits me in 2019?

    In my previous Christmas post, I suggested to you, the readers, to choose a number from 1 to 11 in order to find out later what awaits you in the upcoming year 2019. After the publication of that post, one of my friends asked me if I took those numbers from newspapers' horoscopes. In fact my message had nothing to do with them. The reason was the story below.

  • Health

    Importance of professional psychological help

    For several years I’ve been saturating myself in work. I was building a career in the oil and gas industry and I thought that the stress that my career path was putting me through was a kind of mandatory side effect of success. At that moment, when I realized that I could not cope with the situation on my own anymore, I decided to try going to a psychologist.