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Hello everyone!

I am Anna: a 31 years old woman who is trying to find her way in life.

In the last 31 years I’ve done quite many things: studied Hotel Service and Strategic Management; had a rock band and worked on a cruise ship that sailed around the world; I’ve learned English, German and French, tried to learn Danish, Swedish and some Finnish. Now I am travelling and enjoying marvelous places in Europe.


I am an animal lover, especially fall for cats, rats and birds (what a combination though).

Credits for the picture above to Ilya Chistyakov

Credits for two pictures above to Olga Shakova

Credits for the picture above to Martin P.

Tosya, my love

I was a proud owner of the beautiful cat named Tosya who unfortunately passed away on the 28th of June 2019. She gave me 5 years of happiness. It was a big honor to have such a smart, strong, fun, fearless cat and a bright personality that she was. She left a big emptiness in my heart and I miss her a lot. Let her rest in peace.


I never thought I was able to draw. However, when I started writing in this blog I faced some issues with the copyrights for pictures of other people. My boyfriend has inspired me to try drawing myself and as a result you see these black&white characters in the posts. Since I am not a professional artist and those are my first attempts to draw, don’t be too strict, please 😀

Areas of interest

I like psychology and studying the human nature. For this reason I think that most of my posts will be dedicated to this and how to change one’s life. I am working on it myself all the time, still sometimes I look a bit too messy  😛

Credits for the picture above to Olga Shakova

I also like photography. I’ve been dreaming about my own professional camera for a long time, but I decided that its absence should not be the reason to not do what I like. Therefore I have my personal instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/anna_braun47/

10 random facts about me

  1. For 8 years I studied violin at music school
  2. Three closest friends of mine are called Olga (+ my mother is also Olga)
  3. My boyfriend is Argentinian
  4. I was on TV several times in different countries
  5. Flying is one of my biggest fears
  6. One of my hobbies is to grow plants from seeds of fruit and vegetables that I have eaten
  7. I’ve watched all official movies about James Bond
  8. Good food is my obsession
  9. I have a phobia of rabbits
  10. When I get inspired it is hard to stop writing (regardless of the material’s quality 😀 )

That’s all for now. Should you have any questions or comments – please let me know!

Have a nice day and a good mood!

Kindest regards,

Anna Darts

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