What awaits me in 2020?

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A new year is coming! Many of us ask ourselves: what awaits me in 2020? How is it going to be? What should I focus on? If you are one of these people, read the instructions below. You might find the answer to your question in this post.

Short prehistory

As you might know, last year I have already published a similar post. It has become one of the most popular posts in my blog. Probably because my predictions turned out to be true for many people.

My friends and family tried this approach and in 90% things from predictions happened for real. For this reason I encourage you to join me on this little adventure and find out what awaits you in 2020.

For this you need to choose a number from 1 to 11 and check what you’ve got.

So what awaits you in 2020?

Got a number? Find it and read your prediction below. Here we go.

1 – Finding your path in life

The coming year 2020 will bring you a great opportunity to find your path in life. You will be able too look at everything from other perspectives. Many things you didn’t understand in the past will make good sense now. All experience you have gained by this moment, people you met, lessons you learn – it all will get together as pieces of a puzzle.

Knowing your path is great, but you also need to have a courage to follow it. It might turn out that the way you will see will not be easy, way out of your comfort zone. You might have to make a choice: to stay there in the life you know and are used to or accept a new challenge and see where it will bring you. Choice is yours.

2 – Financial wealth

In 2020 you can find several sources of income that will bring you to a good level. You can get some profitable projects, generous clients, a promotion, a big deal or you can even write a bestseller. Use your strongest qualities to the fullest and chances are you will be greatly rewarded. Hard work or creativeness, sales talent or persistence – pick the ones that fit you and make them work for you.

Life gives a lot of opportunities to find your place under the sun. Stay proactive, develop yourself, search for opportunities, make connections and be open to embrace new experiences. Write the number you want to see on your bank account on a piece of paper and put it somewhere you can see it every day. And then do your best to reach it. This is the time when it is possible.

3 – Interesting projects

Are you bored at work or stuck at home in a maternity leave? Do you want to be involved in something big and exciting? Or maybe you are doing something you are not really into? In 2020 you have a chance to get what you want. You will have opportunities to participate in interesting projects and show your creativity and talent. Acting, designing, cooking, business projects, important presentations, getting on a new market – whatever you are craving for.

It is time to have some fun! Be brave and open to new possibilities and don’t miss your chance. You only have one life and you should live it to the fullest. Who knows, maybe later these projects will bring you somewhere completely different? Life is full of surprises and turns. Your decide, to take it in your hands or stay where you are.

4 – Enjoying here and now

Have you ever felt that you’re missing out on your life that is happening now because you’re too focused on your past or future? Or being stuck in a situation that was over a while ago? 2020 can become a year when you will let it go and enjoy your life here and now. You can find an ability to easily switch from all your work stuff, bad days, stressful moments, angry people and take pleasure in the current moment.

For example, when you are with friends and family, you don’t overload them with you work problems; at work you don’t think about your family issues. You don’t take challenges as a torture, you take them as a chance to grow and learn. Therefore your path becomes a journey and not a burden. You can learn to take life easier and enjoy it in every little detail. Every day.

5 – Great physical shape

Look at yourself in the mirror and remember what you see, because in 2020 you will have a possibility to get the best physical shape you’ve ever been. If you’ve always wanted to lose those pounds – here is the time to finally do that. Want to get more muscles? Regular gym sessions will help you. Back pains and bad sleep? Specialized exercises and more time outdoors can be useful.

Physical health is directly connected to your mental health and energy level. More energy means more achievements, more projects, more quality time with your dear ones. If you are already in a great shape, chances are you can win a competition. There is always a space to grow. Take care of your body and don’t forget to enjoy it along the way.

6 – Fantastic love life

In the next year 2020 you will have a chance to have a mind blowing love life! You will be able to come out of shell and find a great harmony with your partner. You can find understanding and support in trying new things that will bring more passion into your life.

If you are single, you can find great candidates for your heart. One of them may be the one. Or at least you will spend memorably nice time in a lovely company. However, safety first: do not forget about the basic precautions for your health and never do things you don’t want to do. Have fun, but be careful.

7 – New skills and knowledge

In 2020 you will have great opportunities to take courses, master classes, trainings, webinars and seminars or maybe even come back to school – it’s never too late. You can find the ways to study at very good institutions and companies, and maybe even for free.

This new skills and knowledge will open new doors for your personal and professional growth. However, information does not just stay in your head. Be ready to learn har and practice a lot: this is the key to success.

8 – Freedom of choice

How often do we make a choice based not on our will? Out of sense of duty, for example. Or trying to deliver someone’s expectations. Or under social pressure. In 2020 you will find the guts to start making your choices based on what YOU really want and think is important.

This ability will give you a sense of freedom to live the life you want, to actually be the owner of your life. Circumstances will not be determinative anymore. Remember, that responsibility for these choices will be also yours. It comes in a package with freedom. Keep it in mind and choose carefully.

9 – Peace of mind and harmony

In 2020 you will be able to manage stress and cope with worries. You can find your own way to finally stop being anxious about small things and find harmony and peace. It might be yoga, jogging and other physical activities that will help you do that. Psychological help and reading inspiring books are great for it, too.

Gratitude, mindfulness and enjoying your everyday life can give you strength to overcome any problems you might have on the way. Support of your dear ones will keep your feet steadily on the ground in the times of changes. Keep in mind what’s really worth your attention and focus on positive.

10 – Travelling the world

Have you dreamt about a big travel for a long time? Or maybe you would prefer going somewhere not too far, but every weekend? In 2020 you will have a chance to fulfill your desire to explore our beautiful planet. You will find time and opportunities to see the world. Maybe even you won’t have to pay much for it: for example, your employer will cover your expenses. Or you will visit your friends and family in other countries. Possibilities are endless.

Check offers of travel agencies and air companies, they might have just what you need. Get in touch with your family from across the ocean or friends who now live abroad – these are great reasons to pack your bags and go see them in person. Remember to enjoy the travel and leave all your worries behind. Relax, free up your mind and absorb new views, nature, people, tastes and senses. Have fun!

11 – A drastic turn

2020 can become the year of big changes. Everything might become different. Not better or worse – this is the matter of your own perception of things. Maybe you’ve been wanting it for a long time? Or maybe it will just happen? Change of career, moving to another country or getting a baby – whatever it is, your life has all chances to change forever.

Be ready to accept the challenge. New beginnings are always not easy, but they bring your life to another level. Pay attention to how you feel to not get overwhelmed or burnt out. Life is beautiful when you are not afraid to face it and make enough effort to get the best of it.

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