Non-Horoscope for 2019 :)

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In one of my previous posts I told you the background story of the rolls with predictions and suggested you choose the number from 1 to 11. In this post we will look at what lies behind these numbers. If you have not yet made a choice, you still have a chance 🙂 To know the answers, continue reading.

1 – A big luck

In 2019, you will have a great luck! You can win the lottery, get an unexpected prize, go on a wonderful and unplanned trip. To meet a beautiful person is also a big luck. Perhaps you will meet someone who will change your life.

If you are looking for a job, you can get an incredible offer, which you could only dream about. Circumstances will develop in your favor in something big and important. Be ready to accept such a gift and enjoy it to the fullest!

2 – Positive thinking and tranquility

In 2019 you will learn to remain calm and optimistic, regardless of the circumstances. You will have new ways to recuperate after a hard day, special rituals to maintain strength.

More details on the importance of replenishing your personal resources you can find in my first post about switching from office to freelance.

Even if sometimes the situation will not be not in your favor, you will understand that everything can change at any moment.

Negative emotions and states take a lot of the body’s resources. To resist adversity and trouble, you will have an emotionally safe refuge. This may be a special place in the physical sense of it, or some kind of activity that will help you to get distracted and restore a good mood.

3 – Professional success

In 2019 you can achieve great heights in your professional field. It doesn’t matter if you work for a big company or as a freelancer – your productivity, efficiency and growth will ensure you high performance. As a result, you will have new opportunities for further growth and development.

Even if you happen to have small failures, you will use them as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and continue your journey with the experience gained. Your reputation will serve you well. Your network of contacts will expand significantly, which will only contribute to further progress up and forward.

4 – New interesting people

In 2019 you will be able to meet new, interesting and pleasant people. You will significantly expand your circle of friends. With these acquaintances, you will discover new activities, hobbies, places to travel.

You will be able to look at many things differently, and this will help you find a way out of the long-standing stagnation. Communication will give you strength and optimism. You will have an opportunity to change your life, find new activities that you like and enjoy communication! It will bring you inspiration and joy from every day you live.

5 – Learning new things

In 2019 you will have an opportunity to get new knowledge, skills and even a profession. If you have long dreamed of learning a foreign language or how to play the guitar, getting a driver’s license or training your voice, now is the time.

Do not be afraid: you will enjoy the process of learning, expand your capabilities and be able to strengthen your business and personal qualities. New knowledge will give you confidence, as well as help you find new friends and like-minded people. Your social circle will expand, and life will become more interesting.

6 – A dream travel

In 2019 you will have an opportunity to make the trip of your dream! You can visit the place you have long dreamed of! If it seemed to you too expensive, then there will be new opportunities for how to do it cheaper. Maybe even you will go there for work (and the company will pay for everything).

Nowadays there are many websites and services that help to make travel cheaper. Airlines explore new routes for budget travelers. People are becoming more open to communication and giving their houses for rent. Many options! The most important is to be ready for adventures when they appear.

7 – Expressing your creativity

In 2019 you will be able to unleash your creative potential! Drawing, handicrafts, writing, make-up, photography, documentaries – everything that you have long wanted to do.

Start small by some project. Who knows, maybe you will be so captured by a new hobby that you will make it the main business of your life? Maybe it will bring you good money and even world fame? It’s never too late to start! Dare and do not be afraid! In any case, a new activity will pleasantly diversify your life and bring new acquaintances to it.

8 – Relationships

In 2019, you can enjoy a harmonious and creative relationship with your loved ones. You will be able to reach mutual understanding through joint hobbies, travel and adventure.

If you are single now, then in 2019 you will be able to meet interesting and worthy candidates for your heart. The choice is yours. In any case, you will spend a great time, get a lot of new good experiences and diversify your leisure time.

9 – A crazy thing

In 2019, it is time to do what you have long dreamed of, but what you feared! Add adrenaline to your life! This can be some extreme sports, or maybe a performance in front of thousands of people. It’s time to face your fear and finally fulfill your dream!

To help yourself do this, find out how you can prepare for it. Find people who have already done this, ask them to share their experiences with you. In any case, after trying, you will be able to delete this item from your bucket-list, which means that you will free up space in your life for something new and interesting.

10 – Spirituality

In 2019, you will have a great opportunity to try or delve into spiritual practices. They will help you maintain calm, balance, clarity of thinking and mental activity.

Even if before you could not find time even to walk around the house after work, now you will be able to build your day differently. Productivity, tight schedule, or maybe, on the contrary – a chaotic daily routine – all this will fade into insignificance.

To confidently continue the path forward and upward, you will need additional resources. You can get them by doing yoga, mastering meditation, learning mantras or using other practices that you like the most.

11 – Fulfillment of a cherished desire

In 2019, your cherished desire, finally, can be fulfilled! Enjoy this moment in full! To get closer to this point, you should carefully imagine in your mind what you want – with all the details. After that, let your thought go.

They say that our subconscious knows better how to achieve the desired. With the help of a clear visualization you will give it a “task”. Over time, you will find a way to fulfill your desire, even without knowing it.


That’s all! Share in the comments what number you have picked 🙂

Happy New Year to everyone!

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