What awaits me in 2019?

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In my previous Christmas post, I suggested to you, the readers, to choose a number from 1 to 11 in order to find out later what awaits you in the upcoming year 2019. After the publication of that post, one of my friends asked me if I took those numbers from newspapers’ horoscopes. In fact my message had nothing to do with them. The reason was the story below.

New Year party in French style

At the end of 2014, I gathered a group of girls to celebrate the New Year’s Eve in French style. The idea was simple: to create a menu of French dishes (including the legendary onion soup), to prepare themed gifts, to watch a couple of French films. As the hostess of the party, I decided to come up with a couple of entertainment related to the French language, which I was actively studying at that moment.

I have decided to prepare small predictions for the next year by the number of people. For this I have prepared small rolls of artificially aged paper. On those rolls I have written the main word in French, and an explanation in Russian. Afterwards I have hung them on a live Christmas tree in a pot. During the party each guest has chosen one for herself.

A dream about travelling to Italy

Of all the predictions, one thing I remember very well. The effect of it was amazing. One of the girls (let’s call her N.) has always dreamed of going to Italy. At that time she was already over thirty. However, she also greatly appreciated her free time, and therefore had a part-time job and a small salary. Because of this, she always believed that she could not afford to travel.

N. had also been writing a novel with the plot in this wonderful country for the past twenty years. I was genuinely impressed by her story, so I really wanted her get the “voyage” predicition. And what do you think? That’s exactly what has happened!

It would seem such a trifle: a piece of paper with a fictional prediction. However, 8 months later she left to Italy and France for three weeks. Did she change her job? Nope. Has she got a bigger salary? Nope. Has there been any other global change in her life? Nope. And still, she made her dream come true. So what happened?

Why did the prediction work?

I think that the prediction allowed N. to believe in the possibility of a trip. Traveling has never been as affordable as it is now. However, having a small salary makes it often difficult to believe so. Especially when the national currency is rapidly falling down.

Nevertheless, I am sure that all restrictions are only in our heads. The prediction seemed to give some kind of a “permission from above” to lift these restrictions and to begin to act in the direction of one’s dreams.

N. visited several major cities in Italy and France, saving on accommodation in the latter (I had friends who offered their places to stay). A new bus company has launched its business in Europe. For this reason they were selling out tickets for night long-distance and international rides for just one euro (!).

N. opened a currency account in an Italian bank. From her small salary she has been saving some euros, which she later took with her to the trip.

As a result, N. has had a travel of her dreams! She has got unforgettable experience, and also she was happy that she had decided to do so. I believe that my prediction played a key role in this. It allowed her to believe in the feasibility of her dream and to focus on concrete actions to fulfill it instead of spending energy on negative thoughts and looking for reasons why it was not possible.

Little predictions have become a tradition

Later, I was preparing such predictions for myself, my colleagues, friends, and family. Last year, one client of the company in which I used to work gave us boxes of Chinese cookies with predictions. I handed out my cookies first to my colleagues, and then I took the last remaining one for myself.

Surprisingly, everything happened exactly the predictions said: I got a promotion, my other colleague – a good increase in salary. But those who, according to the predictions, were supposed to leave everything as it is, have not advanced at all.

I’m not saying that the predictions are true. My idea is that they give a positive impulse and to some extent remove the limitations in our head. Everything else depends on the desire, courage and action in a given direction.

What awaits you in the 2019?

So, I still suggest you pick a number from 1 to 11 and see what awaits you in the coming 2019. In the next post I will write what is hidden behind each digit. Who knows, maybe it will help someone to decide on something very important and long-awaited. Maybe it will even will change someone’s life for the better. I would be very happy about that!

I wish you all a great new year mood and more wishes and plans for the next year 2019!

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